Town Resolutions & Ordinances


2009-01 Annual fee schedule
2009-02 Proclamation to troop 839
2009-03 Acceptance of dedication-Pioneer Preserve
2010-01 Annual Fee schedule
2010-02 Fish & Wildlife agreement for controlled burns
2010-03 Dissolution of holding tank account
2010-04 Library service plan
2010-05 Designation of the Ozaukee Press as official newspaper of the Town
2010-06 Comprehensive Plan Amendment
2010-07 Obtaining a drainage easement at 1618 Edgewater Ct.
2010-08 Resolution of acceptance Woodland Shores
2011-01 Comprehensive Plan 2035 Resolution
2011-02 Fiscal Year 2011 Annual Fee Schedule
2011-03 Fee Schedule for Sign Permit and Escrow
2011-04 Financial Investment Committee
2011-05 Bird City Declaration
2011-06 Grafton Multi-Use Trail Phase II Grant
2011-07 Town of Grafton Ward Map
2011-08 Carrying of Firearms in Town Facilities
2011-09 Fiscal Year Fee Schedule
2011-10 Waterstone Subdivision Resolution
2012-01 Resolution Accepting Waterstone Subdivision
2012-03 Amending the 2012 Fee Schedule
2012-05 Resolution Approving 2012 Annual Fee Schedule
2012-06 Speed Limit Reduction on CTH Q between CTH C and I-43
2012-07 Resolution to Apply for Grant for River Bend Road Drainage Project
2013-01 LUP and COMP Plan Amendment
2013-02 Fee Schedule
2013-03 Town Depositories and Investments
2013-04 Naming the Multi-Use Trail
2013-05 2012 Budget Amendment
2013-06 Joint FD/EMS Contract
2013-07 Amendment to 2013 Annual Fee Schedule
2013-08 Request for Speed Limit Reduction on CTH T / Lakefield Road
2013-09 Town Depository for Fire Department Funds
2013-10 Hazard Mitigation Plan for Ozaukee County
2013-11 Town of Grafton Posting Places
2013-12 Existing Rail Crossings in Town of Grafton
2013-13 Opposition to SB 349 (Nonmetallic Mining)
2013-14 Special Assessment for Meadow Breeze Lane
2013-15 Flood Control Grant Submittal
2013-16 Request to County to Improve Safety at STH 32/CTH V and CTH W Intersection
2014-01 Town of Grafton Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Fee Schedule
2014-02 Depositories and Investments
2014-03 SEWRPC Housing Study
2014-02 Amended - Depositories and Investments
2014-04 November 2014 Referendum for Highway Budget Increase
2014-05 Intent to Special Assess for Completion of Meadow Breeze Lane
2014-06 A Resolution Amending a 2035 Comprehensive Plan
2014-07 Proclamation Commending Jonathan Matthew Lindeman
2015-01 Absence of Need Exemption for the WisDOT I-43 Corridor Study Project
2015-02 2015 Annual Fee Schedule
2015-03 2015 Town Depositories and Investments
2015-04 Adopting the Town of Grafton Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan 2015 Update
2015-05 Observance of International Migratory Bird Day
2015-06 Opposition to County Assessment
2016-01 ANNUAL MTG - Assessor Appointment
2016-01 2016 Annual Fee Schedule
2016-02 Town Depositories and Investments
2016-03 Posting Places
2016-04 International Migratory Bird Day
2016-05 Amending a 2035 Comprehensive Plan
2016-06 Request for Green Bay Road Mailbox Relocation
2016-07 Stormwater Management Plan Update and Drainage Complaint Policy
2016-08 Submittal of a Municipal Flood Control Grant
2016-09 Addressing State Transportation Funding - JUST FIX IT!
2016-10 Proclamation for Eresi Yarney
2017-01 2017 Annual Fee Schedule
2017-02 Town Depositories and Investments
2017-03 International Migratory Bird Day
John McGivern Proclamation
2017-04 A Resolution Amending a 2035 Comprehensive Plan
2017-05 Town of Grafton Endorsement of SEWRPC's VISION 2050
2017-06 Raze Order for 1520 N. Green Bay Road
2018-01 2018 Annual Fee Schedule
2018-02 Town Depositories and Investments
2018-03 International Migratory Bird Day
2018-04 Municipal Flood Control Grant
2018-05 Objection to Annexation Proposal
2018-06 Eagle Scout Proclamation
2018-07 Moratorium on CUPs
2019-01 2019 Annual Fee Schedule
2019-02 Town Depositories & Investments
2019-03 IMBD
2019-04 Moratorium- Shipping Containers
2019-05 Resolution 2019-05 Signed- Raze Order
2019-06 State Municipal Flood Grant Application
2020-01 2020 Annual Fee Schedule
2020-02 Town Depositories and Investments
2020-03 Observance of International Migratory Bird Day
2020-04 Reduced Speed Limit at the Intersection of Lakefield Road (County Trunk Highway T) and Green Bay Road
2020-05 Declaring a State of Emergency
2020-06 Intermunicipal Agreement with the Town of Port Washington
2020-07 Proclamation commending Jason Morgan|
2021-01 2021 Annual Fee Schedule
2021-02 Raze Order 2004 N. Port Washington Rd.
2021-03 Town Depositories and Investments
2021-04 Observance of International Migratory Bird Day
2021-05 Establishing an American Rescue Plan Act Grant Fund
2021-06 RES 2021-06 Redistricting - Amending the Town Code and Adopting the Revised Town Ward Map
2022-01 Town of Grafton Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Fee Schedule
2022-02 Town Depositories and Investments
2022-03 A Resolution of the Town of Grafton Board of Supervisors Declaring the Town of Grafton's Observance of International Migratory Bird Day
2022-04 Urban Forestry Grant and Urban Forestry Catastrophic Storm Grant Program
2023-01 Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Fee Schedule
2023-02 Town Depositories and Investments
2023-03 Board of Supervisors Declaring the Observance of International Migratory Bird Day
2023-04 Accepting the Annual Report and MS4 Permit No. S050156
2023-05 The Adoption of A Highway Order
2023-06 2023 Annual Fee Schedule
2023-07 Resolution Accepting River Bend Court Within the River Bend Estates Subd.
2023-08 Resolution Accepting Double Tree Lane
2023-09 Authorizing Disposal of Real Property
2023-10 Joint Resolution Of Support For The Establishment Of A Consolidated Fire & Ems Department
2023-11 Town Depositories and Investments
2024-01 Town Depositories and Investments
2024-02 Fiscal Year 2024 Annual Fee Schedule
2024-03 Board of SupDeclaring the Observance of International Migratory Bird Day
2024-04 Resolution of Town Board Exercising Referendum Option For Fire/Ems Services Funding
2024-05 Amending 2035 Comprehensive Plan
2024-06 Library Contract


2009-01 Parking and Design Standards
2009-02 Sunset Clauses
2009-03 Speed limit on East Sauk Road
2009-04 Nuisances, storage of personal property
2009-05 UNUSED-number skipped
2009-06 Back flow prevention
2010-01 Comprehensive Plan Amendment
2010-02 Firearms Discharge
2010-03 Stop Signs & Speed Limits
2010-04 Future Land Use Update
2010-05 STH 32 Update
2010-06 Ordinance failed
2010-07 Maintenance on Foreclosed homes
2010-08 Amending the Business Uses in the Stonecroft Development
2010-09 Concrete Driveways
2010-10 Speed Limit Reduction on Green Bay Rd
2010-11 State of Wisconsin CH. 236 updates
2011-01 Amending Building Construction
2011-02 Amending Comprehensive Plan
2011-03 Firearms Discharge Area
2011-04 Amending Financial Investment Committee
2011-05 Amending Noxious Weeds
2011-06 Amending the Town Sign Code
2011-07 Amending the Port Washington District Sign Code
2011-08 Amending the Town Wards
2011-09 Governing the Use of the Multi-Use Trail
2011-10 Concealed Carry Ordinance
2011-11 Amendment to Conditional Uses in B-1 District
2011-12 Amending PW Road District Sign Code
2012-01 Speed Limit Reduction Request - Ulao Road
2012-02 Driveway Ordinance
2012-03 Annual Town Meeting to 3rd Tuesday of April
2012-04 Terms of Elected Officers
2012-05 Private Drives and Access Alternatives
2013-01 LUP and Comp Plan Amendment and 2013-01 Exhibit A
2013-02 Keeping of Chickens
2013-03 Pool Safety Covers
2013-04 Accessory Structures
2013-05 B-1 and B-2 Business Districts (Stonecroft)
2013-06 Driveway Length and Fire Department Access
2013-07 Edgewater Neighbourhood Speed Limits
2013-08 Non-Agricultural Activities as a Conditional Use in Ag Districts
2014-01 Falls Road Speed Limit Reduction
2014-02 FAILED
2014-03 Addition of the O-1 Office District
2014-04 Update to Permitted / Conditional Uses and Definitions in Business Districts
2014-05 Address Markers for Residences Off Private Drives
2014-06 Speed Limit for Arrowhead Road
2014-07 Amending the Comprehensive Plan
2015-01 Amending the Traffic Ordinance - Stop Sign at Elm and Hillcrest
2015-02 Reinspection Fees for Nuisance Violation
2015-03 Stop Signs and Heavy Traffic Routes
2015-04 Stormwater-Management-and-Erosion-Control-Peak-Discharge
2015-05 Stop Signs at East River, Terminal, and Maryglade
2015-06 Stop Sign on Meadow Breeze Lane at Lakefield Road
2015-07 Bids and the Awarding of Public Contracts
2015-08 Fees for Construction Work Done without Permits
2016-01 Correction of Codification Errors
2016-02 Split Shifts for Election Workers
2016-03 Amending the Town of Grafton Comprehensive Plan
2016-04 Addressing Speed Limit on River Bend Road
2016-05 Addressing Columbaria
2016-06 Ag Uses in Residential Districts
2017-01 Property Maintenance / Grass Cutting
2017-02 Engine Braking
2017-03 Residential Districts Minimum Square Footage and R-Tr District
2017-04 Amending the Comprehensive Plan
2017-05 Amending the RCDO Zoning Text
2017-06 Confidentiality Ordinance for Board of Review
2017-07 Stop Signs Throughout the Town (Double Tree, River Bend)
2017-08 Sign Code Amendments
2018-01 Conditional Uses Update for Wisconsin Act 67
2018-02 LS Business in Residential District
2019-01 Amendment to No Firearms Discharge Map
2019-02 Buildable Acre Definition
2019-03 No Parking on Terminal Road
2019-04 River Bend Court Traffic Signs and Speed Limit Sign
2019-05 Ordinance Amendment Semi-Trailers and Shipping Containers
2019-06 River Bend Road name change to Cheyenne Ave. and Speed Limit
2019-07 Accessory Structures Code Amendment
2020-01 Firearms Ordinance Amendment
2020-02 Designating Town Clerk to issue Operator's Licenses
2020-03 Building Construction Code References to the Wisconsin Administrative Code
2020-04 Agricultural Business Uses as a Conditional Use in the A-1 & A-2 Zoning Districts
2021-01 Repealing Certain Restrictions on the Keeping of Dogs and Other Animals within the Town
2022-01 Ordinance Amending Title 7, Licensing and Regulations, and Creating Chapter 19, For Collection of Room Tax on Overnight Lodging, Of The Code of Ordinances
2022-02 An Ordinance Amending Title 9, Chapter 1, Section 2.06, Use Restrictions to allow for Outdoor Storage Containers as a Temporary Use in Non Residential Districts
2022-03 An Ordinance Amending Title 7, Chapter 7 - Licensing and Regulation, of the Code of Ordinances, Town of Grafton, Wisconsin, Amending Building Construction Code References to the Wisconsin Administrative Code, Including Camping Units
2022-04 To Comply With The Federal Financial Assistance And Federal Procurement Requirements Set By The U.S. Treasury And Governing The Use Of American Rescue Plan Act Funds
2022-05 An Ordinance Repealing, In Part, Title 9, Land Use Regulation, Chapter 1, Zoning, Section of the Code of Ordinances
2022-06 An Ordinance Repealing, In Part, Title 9, Land Use Regulation, Chapter 1, Zoning, Section of the Code of Ordinances
2023-01 Amending Title-9, Ch. 1, Zoning Section 9.1.12 02 Re Accessory Structures
2023-02 Amending Title-9, Ch.1, Zoning Section9.1.3 4877-3410-9273
2023-03 Amending Transitional Residential District 4868-5286-5896-v1
2023-04 Amending 4873-4989-3480-v1
2023-05 Amending, In Part, Title 9, Land Use Regulation, Chapter 1, Zoning, Section (B) of the Code of Ordinances
2023-06 Amending, In Part, Title 9, Land Use Regulation, Chapter 1, Zoning, Section (G) of the Code of Ordinances
2024-01 Amending Section Adding 35 mph Speed Limit 4870-8070-9557 v.1
2024-02 Amending The Comprehensive Plan of the Town of Grafton
2024-03 Amending and Repealing in Part Title 9 Ch. 1 Zoning Code Accessory Structures - 4884-1582-6630 v1
2024-04 Amending and Repealing in Part Title 9 Ch. 1 Zoning Code re Rental Storage Units by Conditional Use 4882-1580-5378 v.4 (002)
2024-05 Amending and Repealing Buildable Acre References and Restrictions and Reducing Minimum Lot Size to 32670 sq. ft. in R-3 Residential Dis