Town of Grafton


Town of Grafton is always Proud of how many of you turn out to Vote each Election, we almost always have one of the top percentages in the county.

That being said it was nice to be able TODAY to complete ALL requested absentee ballots in one work day for the upcoming smaller election on April 4th and have them out in the mail already.  With just 2 of us in the office not only are mailing ballots added work to our daily routine work, but also added expense to our annual budget which is covered by tax payers, especially in years of 4 elections.    Today I mailed out only 210 which is a good amount for a little election, you can figure what this cost, 2 stamps, 2printed envelopes ,  printed sheet of paper extra per ballot and 8 hrs of time for 210 ballots.  So thank you Voters for not requesting  as many as previously.  We have had as many as over 600 mailed out before for elections and that is cause for lots of expense & extra work.  We know there are many good reason to have ballots mailed and we never question way you need one we understand .  They are meant for college students, those who work long hours, those who are house bond, ill, on vacation, unable to drive and so on.   If you are not able to vote on ELECTION DAY please consider the other two options:

1.  Come into our office  Tuesday, March 21st through Friday, March 31st and Early Vote.  Anytime Monday – Thursday’s 8:30am till 4:30Pm and Fridays 8:30 am till Noon.   This allows 9 days for you to Vote during an 8 hour day with no lines.

2.  Vote on Election Day  we have 8 Pollworkers here to help you from 7 am to 8:00 pm  that’s 13 hours you have to come in and Vote.

also note we do provide on Election day  Curbside Voting  you pull up on 11th Avenue at the door call the office and someone will bring ballot out to you .

Thanks again and Grafton Keep Voting !!!